Method Ringing

imgcons4Ringing your first method will probably be difficult – there is a lot to do and a lot to remember. Once you can ring one method reliably you can build on your basic competence. Whether you want to ring more complicated methods, visit as many new towers, ring peals – the choice is yours.

Resources for method ringers


There is a wealth of information out there in books and on the internet.

The GuBooksild Treasurer keeps a stock of books for sale. Click here for a list of the books normally held in stock.

Individuals and ringing societies have published a vast amount of cribsheets to help you learn methods. There is no excuse for not doing your homework before going to a practice.


It is now possible to practice your method ringing at home or even on the move using simulatorsoftware and phone apps

Abel, Mabel and Mobel





A computer running Abel or Beltower can be used to practice on real bells. Four Guild towers are fitted with simulators.

Ringing simulators are used by learners and advanced ringers. At home and in the tower, learners use them to practise call changes, plain hunt, and basic methods; advanced ringers use them to practise for peals. Towers also use simulators for “silent practice” sessions and public demonstrations of ringing. All the simulators can also display the blue line diagram for any method.

With the moving ringer displays you can now practise ropesight.

Workshops and Training Courses

Training Workshops 2016

Training others to Ring


Ringing around the Lake District